• Metalworking is one of the most important sectors in the Manufacturing Industry.

  • This capital-intensive sector is known for its continuous improvement of the production processes.

  • The demand for increasingly high standards of final product quality at lower input costs results in need for a flexibility of the metalworking process and the introduction of modern tools. These developments lead to increased cutting speeds and optimised cutting tool life & evolution of high performance metal working oils.

Our strength lies in indigenising and locally manufacturing any lubricant or chemical you import. At the same time suggest solutions to reduce any inefficiencies in customer’s lubricant usage.

We at Delta Plus offer an optimised solution to the lubrication related problems as well as improvements in the existing system by means of

  • Customer Process Audit

  • International and Local Expertise

  • International Product Range, Localised and Manufactured in India

  • Strong Global R&D Support for Customer

  • Process Centric Product Development

  • Training

At Delta Plus Lubricants we “ Believe in a planned approach rather than selling a Product ”

Our Planned Approach Includes

  • Products - Environment friendly, People Safe, Long service life, Cost effective.

  • People - With total Shop-Floor activity expertise. Global support from associates on Product Development & Solutions.

  • Process - Process Audit, Recommend right grade, Sample checks, Train the concerned people on optimum usage resulting in overall cost reduction.

Our strength due to our global partnerships is OEM approved products for Metal Cutting, Metal Forming, Glass Cutting, Rust Preventive, Speciality Greases for various applications in the Automotive and Metal Industry.