Delta Plus Lubricants & Chemicals Pvt Ltd. has been incorporated in August 2014.

  • Little philosophy while naming the Co. Delta Plus, The name “Delta” comes from a difference between two objects of the similar nature, “Plus” is an extra advantage over & above its existing measurement. Therefore, our endeavour shall be to offer an extra advantage against the current offering to end users.

  • SUPRA” our LOGO is “SUPRA”, SUPRA is “Super Molecule” which is made out of many tiny sub-units.

  • Therefore, to us it describes everything that we packed in a Drum of Oil, Greases as well as allied products and the professional services we provide to our esteemed customers.

  • Hence, in short you should receive an extra benefit from our product proposition & services using new generation molecules.


The Company has been incorporated by individuals having more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, technology and well as technical services.

Promoters have witnessed the changing phases of industrialisation in India and therefore the lubrication demands have been grossly changed.

Customers are more concerned about “Reduction in Lubrication cost” & “Disposal & Environmental safety concerns”.

Therefore, Co. have taken steps towards fulfilment of challenges by selecting the right molecules using advanced chemistry & support our customer by providing customised products and technical services to fulfil the objective.

Metal Working & Metal Deformation are our core areas of specialisations & expertise, Co. have been associated with international renowned Super Specaility Companies

  • M/s Wilhelm Dietz GmbH & Co.KG, Düsseldorf, Germany, experts in metal deformation lubricants as well as metal corrosion protective.

  • M/s Jokisch Gmbh. Oerlinghausen, Germany. have high quality products in the field of Metal Welding, Metal Tapping and special purpose application. “Anti spatter“ products for welding & “Tapping Paste” for precision tapping applications are some of their highly unique products.

  • M/s SETRAL Cheme GmbH. Seeshaupt, Germany. are specialists in the field of High End Greases e.g. Food & Pharama Grade Greases, Textile Lubricants and Anti-seizer Pastes etc. required by metal industries.




Therefore, if you are looking for right lubrications proposition & solution for your industry, please contact us first.